Neck Liposuction in Cleveland, OH

The neck and lower third of the face are perhaps the most susceptible to facial aging as loose skin in this area is quite apparent. Common signs of aging in the lower face and neck are the “waddle” or “turkey gobbler” deformities. Both facelift and neck lift surgery address these problems. While neck lift surgery focuses on the jawline and neck, or area below the chin and jaw only, facelift addresses the jowls and midface, or cheek area.

Neck lift surgery is often less invasive, less painful, with shorter incisions and less recovery time than facelift surgery. In certain neck lift procedures, only a short incision under the chin is required. Dr. Harmych is an expert in neck lift and facelift. As a fellowship-trained facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, he is uniquely qualified to offer both of these procedures. To discuss your options for facial rejuvenation with facelift or neck lift surgery, click here to schedule a consultation with Dr. Harmych in our facial plastic surgery office in Pepper Pike, Ohio.

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