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Mini Facelift | Cleveland, Ohio

A mini facelift achieves the same goals as a facelift with less downtime.  This less invasive procedure is generally best-suited for younger patients who are not ready to undergo a traditional facelift. A mini facelift is also less invasive with shorter incisions than a traditional facelift.

Mini facelift is frequently performed by Dr. Harmych in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Harmych is a double board-certified and fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon, specializing in facelift and mini facelift.

Benefits of Mini Facelift

Mini Facelift  improves the jowls, neck skin and cheeks (nasolabial folds). It is less extensive, less invasive and requires less recovery time than a facelift or neck lift. Similar to facelift, the incisions are hidden around the ears and in the hairline. Since the procedure is less invasive, the incisions are shorter. Dr. Harmych uses a mini facelift technique for younger patients with less aging than full facelift or neck lift patients. Genetics and weight loss are common reasons why patients may require a surgical treatment like a mini facelift at an earlier age.

Important information about Mini Lift

  • It is important that you understand the difference between a mini facelift and other procedures that are marketed as less invasive or minimally invasive.
  • A mini facelift is not a Lifestyle Lift or procedure that can be accomplished over the “lunchtime”.
  • It is not a “skin-only” procedure and does not require only a weekend to recover.
  • A mini facelift is a less-invasive version of a facelift or lower facelift.
  • Facelift procedures, including mini facelift, require some dissection of the SMAS layer (the deep fascia and muscles of the face).
  • Results are significant, noticeable and permanent.
  • A mini facelift helps improve the overall appearance, definition and contour of the neck, especially in cases where the skin is sagging or there is drooping of the lower face and cheeks. It will also improve the skin along the jawline, resulting in a reduction in sagging skin in the jowls as well as an overall tighter skin appearance on the jawline.

 Mini Facelift cost

Average cost of mini facelift (as of 2023) is $9,239 with a range between $3,200 and $18,000 (as reported by RealSelf).

Dr. Harmych’s patients could expect the total cost to be within this range.

Mini facelift is usually less expensive than neck lift and facelift. The cost of mini facelift is northeast Ohio with vary based on surgeon experience, complexity, type of anesthesia and additional procedures.

Differences between a Mini Facelift and a Facelift

Mini Facelift and Facelift surgery address facial aging by improving the sagging neck, jawline (jowls) and cheeks (nasolabial folds). Both mini facelift and traditional facelift accomplish similar goals. The primary difference is the degree of dissection necessary to achieve the desired results.

Comparison of Mini Facelift an Facelift

Neither mini facelift or facelift are “better” procedures. Patient selection is important. Any procedure must be carefully selected and tailored for the unique needs of each person. Dr. Harmych is very honest and comforting when discussing his assessment of your facial aging, options for nonsurgical and surgical treatments and any limitations of treatments. With a complete understanding of your specific situation, you will feel comfortable proceeding with the most beneficial treatment option to help you achieve your desired results.

Keep in mind that all facial “lifting” procedures (including Facelift, Mini Facelift, Neck Lift, Deep Plane Facelift, SMAS lift, and others) all improve:

  • Sagging skin in the neck
  • Jowling
  • Cheeks and nasolabial folds

Who is a Candidate for Mini Facelift?

Mini Facelift may be right for you if you have early signs of aging that are not responding to nonsurgical treatments but are not quite ready for a facelift or neck lift.

The earliest signs of aging begin in our late 20’s and early 30’s and are evidenced by skin changes, volume loss, and very mild soft tissue sagging. At this early stage of aging, we first notice sage-related skin changes like smile lines, frown lines, crow’s feet. We may notice some volume loss showing up as cheek hollows, loss of fullness in the cheeks, and loss of volume in the tear trough or under eye area.

During this early phase of aging, nonsurgical treatments, such as hyaluronic acid fillers (HA fillers) or neuromodulators (like Botox and Dysport) are highly effective. However, Botox, Dysport and facial fillers will eventually produce diminishing returns.  As time goes on, patients tend to spend more and more money on procedure that are less and less effective and the benefit of nonsurgical treatment lessens. At this point, surgical treatment actually become much more cost-effective.

People who have reached this point of diminishing results, yet are not aged enough to require tradition facelift or neck lift, are excellent candidates for a mini facelift. Mini Facelift does not stop the aging process. But, does set the clock back several years and the results are permanent.

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How is Mini Facelift Performed?

Mini facelift can be done with general anesthesia, sedation, or local anesthesia with some mild sedation. Cases performed under local anesthesia are typically less expensive, due to no facility fee or anesthesia fee, and less risky since there is no general anesthetic.

A small amount of neck liposuction is done to improve the area below the chin and jawline. The “lifting” or “tightening” is achieved by repositioning the deep fascia and muscle (SMAS tissues) with permanent sutures. Mini facelift incisions are hidden around the ears. In patients with excess skin and sagging neck muscles, additional incisions are hidden behind the ear and within the hairline. The incisions are closed with small sutures and a soft head wrap dressing is placed.

Mini facelift can be performed with other surgical treatments such as eyelid surgery, laser skin resurfacing, chin implant or fat transplantation.

How long will the results of a Mini Facelift last?

Mini facelift results are permanent. Although surgical procedures do not stop the unavoidable aging process completely. Although, you will permanently appear younger.

 Mini Facelift recovery

Mini facelift is done on an outpatient basis. A gentle cotton dressing is worn for the first 24 hours. There are no drains. Prescription pain medication may be required for 1-3 days. Mild discomfort, numbness, tightness and bruising may last several weeks. After 5-7 days, almost all patients feel confident returning to work and social activity. Most patients may resume full activity in about 3-4 weeks.

Learning more about Mini Facelift

Those considering mini facelift should carefully evaluate their surgeon’s training and credentials. Dr. Brian Harmych is double board-certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery and is one of the only fellowship-trained Facial Plastic & Reconstructive mini facelift and neck lift surgeons in the Cleveland area. He has the knowledge and expertise to offer the best results.  Schedule a consultation with Dr. Harmych and learn more about your options for Facelift and Mini Facelift in Cleveland, Ohio.

Complimentary Plastic Surgery Procedures

Harmych Facial Plastic Surgery performs procedures and treatments on all areas of the face and neck including:

Choosing a  surgeon

Harmych Facial Plastic Surgery is located in Beachwood, Ohio and proudly serves Cleveland and all of northeast Ohio. Schedule a consultation at our Beachwood location and see if either Mini Facelift, Neck lift or Facelift Surgery is a good option for you.

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