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Uneven Nostrils 2 months Post Rhinoplasty (Photo)
Thank you for sharing your questions and photographs. And only 8 weeks postoperative from rhinoplasty, you undoubtedly have significant continued swelling… READ MORE >

Swelling and dorsal hump size concerns 2 months post rhinoplasty (Photo)
Thank you for sharing your question and photographs. At only 2 months after surgery, there will undoubtedly be continued postoperative swelling of the nasal… READ MORE >

I had a turbinate reduction which has left me with dryness and sensitivity in my nose. What can I do?
Thank you for sharing your question. In generally, most patients undergoing turbinate surgery will experience dryness and crusting and, under normal… READ MORE >

How will they get the stent out of my nose with the amount of dried blood that is gluing it to my nasal rim?
The plastic tube is likely an internal nasal splint and it is very common to form crusting and scabs on the surface of the splint. In general, this does not… READ MORE >

Do I need a revision? Hanging columella? (Photo)
Thank you for sharing your question and photographs. At 9 months, you undoubtedly have some residual swelling and, over time, the appearance of the nose may… READ MORE >

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