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Facelift in Cleveland, Ohio

Facelift is a procedure that tightens and repositions the deep tissues and skin of the face in order to reduce the following signs of aging

  • Sagging in the face and neck
  • Jowls or loss of jawline definition
  • Cheeks and nasolobial folds
  • Loss of volume

Double board-certified and fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeonDr. Harmych, is a facelift and neck lift specialist in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dr. Harmych’s practice is solely dedicated to facial plastic surgery. In fact, facelift, deep plane facelift, mini facelift, and neck lift comprise a large proportion of Dr. Harmych’s facial plastic surgical practice. Patients can expect exceptional care and results from a surgeon who focuses exclusively on the face, nose and neck.

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Benefits of facelift

  • Improves neckline by tightening the muscle, fascia and skin of the neck
  • Improved jawline contour and corrects jowling
  • Lessening of the nasolabial folds
  • Rejuvenation of the midface and malar fat pads

Facelift is not intended to make patients younger but to turn their inner youthful selves outward. The most appropriate candidates are looking for moderate improvement that will prompt comments like: Have you been getting more sleep? or Did you take a vacation?

Dr. Harmych’s facelift patients enjoy a natural, healthy, and rejuvenated results.

Indications for facelift

The best candidates for facelift surgery are those who are healthy, who do not smoke, and have realistic expectations. Facelift surgery does not stop the aging process; it simply turns back the clock a few years. While the aging process naturally continues the face will always appear younger and more youthful.

Facelift recovery

  • The facelift procedure is performed in an outpatient.
  • All patients are encouraged to be up and about with assistance on the day of surgery.
  • Drains are usually not necessary for facelift, neck lift and deep plane facelift/
  • The dressing is removed by Dr. Harmych on the day after the facelift procedure.
  • Facelift recovery is not painful. Prescription pain medication may be required for 1-3 days.
  • Mild discomfort, numbness, tightness and bruising may last several weeks after facelift.
  • Patients return to work and social activities in about 10 days. Most facelift and neck lift patients resume full physical activity in 3-4 weeks.

Facelift procedure

Facelift is performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. Incisions are hidden around the ears and in the hairline. The deep muscle and fascia, known as the SMAS layer or SMAS fascia, are dissected and repositioned into a more youthful position. Permanent or long last-lasting sutures are placed within the tissues to hold them in place during the healing process.

Repositioning the deep tissues of the face and neck result in permanent improvement in neck contour, jawline definition, as well as volume and position of the cheeks and nasolabial folds. After the deeper tissues are corrected, the skin is tailored and trimmed to remove the excess around the ears. A soft cotton head wrap is placed to help with healing. With Dr. Harmych’s technique, drains are not required.

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How Long Will the Results from Facelift Surgery Last?

  • The results of facelift and neck lift are permanent.
  • After having a facelift performed by Dr. Harmych, an experienced facelift surgeon, your face and neck will always appear younger.
  • In general, most patients are seen every few months for the first year and can follow-up on an as-needed basis with their facelift surgeon.
  • Face can set the clock back so that you always appear younger.

What are the different types of facelift?

You may have read about the many different types of facelift. All face lifting operations seek to primarily address 3 main issue (sagging neck skin, jowls and jawline, cheeks and nasolabial folds). Successful facelift procedures address the deeper tissues in the face and neck (those comprised of the SMAS muscle and fascia) and are not simple “skin-only” operations.

The main types of facelift are:

Dr. Harmych’s Facelift Approach

Dr. Harmych’s facelift and neck lift procedures often incorporate additional techniques to gain improvement beyond the results expected with traditional facelift. When reviewing Dr. Harmych’s facelift before and after photos, note that there is often additional improvement in the lower neck, temporal area, lower eyelids, and malar cheeks. This additional improvement is achieved by employing more advanced techniques or a combination or SMAS facelift and deep plane facelift, or extended deep plane facelift.

Dr. Harmych, an experienced facelift surgeon, will provide you with a thorough assessment of your unique anatomy and explain which facelift procedure would be most appropriate to achieve your goals.

What are Dr. Harmych’s patients saying about their facelift experience?

“I have never met a doctor like Dr. Harmych. I went in for a consultation and some ideas about what I wanted done. After patiently listening he went into a thorough and thoughtful explanation about what he thought would work and have the best result. It was as if he had all the time in the world to answer my questions (there were a lot!), A few months later I had him perform the procedure. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with the results. Dr Harmych is conscientious and therefore I had several post op appointments, it was clear that he truly cared and wanted to make sure I was satisfied. I would be remiss not to mention his very friendly office staff, BJ is the best. I highly recommend Dr. Harmych, without any reservations.”

– Eileen A. | Facelift, neck liposuction (Cleveland, Ohio)

“A special thanks to Dr. Harmych for changing my life. My chin and jawline are sculpted and my neck hasn’t looked this good since I was in my twenty’s. The compassion, patience, knowledge, professionalism and caring that he showed me and my family leaves me at a loss for words. Dr. Harmych is an excellent surgeon and one of a kind”.

– Kat | Facelift, autologous fat transplantation (Cleveland, Ohio)

“I highly recommend Dr. Harmych for any facial or neck surgical procedure. He prepared me thoroughly for the facelift procedure, and gave me many opportunities to ask questions. Furthermore, he and his staff could have not been friendlier or more accommodating. Most of all, I love the final result! It turned out far better than I expected! Choosing Dr. Harmych is the best decision for anyone who wants an overall pleasant experience”.

– Cindy | Facelift (Cleveland, Ohio)


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Harmych Facial Plastic Surgery performs procedures and treatments on all areas of the face and neck including:


Where should I go for Facelift and Neck Lift Surgery in Cleveland, Ohio?

Harmych Facial Plastic Surgery is located in Beachwood, Ohio. Schedule a consultation at our Beachwood location and see if Facelift is a good option for you.

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The before and after photographs presented in the facelift and neck lift before and after page and gallery depict actual patients of Cleveland, Ohio facial plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Harmych and have been used with written permission. Please note that our before and after gallery is provided in order to help you visualize the natural results that can be achieved at our practice. The before and after facelift photos are limited to patients who have agreed to allow their photos to be shared. Additional before and after facelift surgery photographs are available in our Cleveland, Ohio office. You will have an opportunity to view additional pre- and postoperative photographs that may be shared only in our office during your personal consultation. 

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Double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Brian Harmych, M.D. is the best rhinoplasty, neck lift, facelift, mini faceliftdeep plane faceliftearlobe repair surgeon in Cleveland, Ohio. He is one of the few double board-certified facial plastic surgeons in Ohio and focuses exclusively on facial plastic surgery, such as rhinoplasty, nose reshaping and revision rhinoplasty.