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6 Tips for Taking Care of Your Eyes, Brows and Lashes

Your eyes are one of the first things people notice when they look at you. So, it is extremely important to take good care of your eyes, lashes and brows. Dark circles, under-eye bags, misshapen brows and unkempt lashes are all areas of concern as they can make you appear older, tired, angry and sleepy. Taking care of your eyes, brows and lashes shouldn’t be so painfully frustrating.

Here are a few quick tips for great results:

1. Choosing the correct eye serum is essential. Whether you’re looking to completely rejuvenate, or simply hydrate, I highly recommend SkinMedica® TNS Eye Repair®. This serum is essential for everyday use and works well for all skin types and budgets. It has patented growth factors and Alprostadil.org nutrients which help repair all aspects of the skin, not just the skin’s surface.

2. After finding your eye cream of choice, you’ll want to apply it correctly for long-term benefits. Use about a pea-sized amount of eye cream and place it on your middle fingers. Gently dot it around the whole orbital bone (bone around rim of eye), feeling the bone as you apply it to your skin. As you start applying the cream, be sure to massage the application area and manipulate the eye with circular motions and tapotement (light rhythmic tapping). By following this technique, blood flow will increase in that area helping to deliver oxygen and nutrients to your eyes, removing harmful toxins. Be careful not to expose the eye to the product.

3. Enhance your lashes and shape your eyebrows. Well-maintained lashes and brows will make you appear more awake, refreshed and alert. As an added benefit, the appearance of your makeup application will be dramatically enhanced. For best results, you must understand the natural shape of the brow. The high point of the brow, or apex (C), should be located above the lateral portion of the iris (D), or colored portion of the eye. Get a disposable mascara wand and brush your brows in an upward position. For the hairs that are sticking out above your natural brow, trim across the hair, never down. After, measure your brows with same wand. Anything underneath the brow, tweeze or have a brow expert remove with wax, threading or possibly laser. Taking care of your brows and lashes is extremely simple, inexpensive and the results go a long way.

how to take care of your eyebrows

4. Enhancing your lashes is quite easy. I use Latisse® which makes my lashes fuller, thicker and longer. In fact, with the results I get from Latisse® I’m able to skip using mascara. Latisse® is a topical medication that is applied daily to the upper eyelids and must be purchased at a doctor’s office, such as that of a facial plastic surgeon or dermatologist. A less expensive alternative to Latisse® is lash tinting, a simple semi-permanent color process for your lashes. You can choose any type of color you want from brown, black, or blue. Using clear mascara, I’ve achieved amazing results for my patients that choose a “deep black” color, making their lashes look even fuller and longer.

5. Concealer is your best friend when trying to achieve a flawless eye or diminish dark circles. Choose a concealer that is one shade lighter than your natural skin color. You can also use a corrective camouflage concealer kit. My favorite concealers are made by Glo Minerals. When applying to your eye, use your eye cream first, then take your concealer and make an upside-down triangle under your eye. Start directly under the eye and bring the tip of the concealer to the top of your cheekbone. Blend upward until makeup is no longer visible. If you’re trying to cover up dark circles, use a mixture of a green and purple concealer; for everything else, use red or yellow-based concealer. Also, apply some to your natural arch, right above your pupil.

6. Last, but not least, please drink plenty of water every day! The recommendation for daily intake is 2 liters a day for women and 2.5 liters a day for men. I know that seems like a lot, but I truly feel that improper hydration is making us age both inside and out. Try an experiment with friends, family, or co-workers to increase water consumption for about a month. Take before-and-after pictures. See the difference in how drinking water changes your skin and body!

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