Scar Revision in Cleveland, Ohio


Scar Revision Surgery in Cleveland, OH

Patients often seek facial plastic surgery consultation for revision of facial scars as they may result in obvious cosmetic or functional deformities. Abnormal neck and facial scarring may be a result of severe acne, trauma, injury, or surgery, including skin cancer resection and previous cosmetic surgery such as facelift, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty. Scars that cause cosmetic deformities are often raised, depressed, widened, have abnormal pigmentation (too light or too dark), or are found on a location of the face that is very noticeable. Facial scarring may also cause significant functional impairment when located in close proximity to the eyelids, lips, ears or nose. Both cosmetic and functional deformities caused by abnormal facial scarring are often disruptive to facial harmony, symmetry and balance and can become the unintended focus of our attention during conversation.

Who is a Candidate for Facial Scar Revision?

Patients with appropriate expectations seeking to improve a functional or cosmetic deformity caused by abnormal scarring of the face or neck may be excellent candidates for neck or facial scar revision. It is important to realize that the goal of scar revision surgery is to improve the appearance of a scar and make it less noticeable. It is not possible to completely remove a scar.

How is Facial Scar Revision performed?

A variety of treatment modalities may be used to treat cosmetic and functional impairment caused by scars on the face or neck. Depending on the extent of the scar and patient preference, scar revision procedures may be performed with local anesthesia, moderate sedation or general anesthesia. The treatment method chosen is determined by the nature of scarring. For instance, raised scars may be treated with a resurfacing procedure with an ablative laser, dermabrasion or chemical peel. Depressed, widened or pigmented scars may be treated by completely excising the scar. More complicated deformities such as those caused by severe acne may require a combination of treatments. In order to adequately treat more complicated scars a series of separate treatments are sometimes recommended. As a fellowship-trained facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Harmych is well trained in all aspects of neck and facial scar revision. Dr. Harmych will discuss the options available as well as expectations of facial scar revision during a consultation.

What is the Recovery from Facial Scar Revision?

Facial scar revision procedures are usually performed on an outpatient basis with most patients returning to the comfort of their own home several hours after surgery. As each individual treatment plan is tailored to the patient, the expected recovery period is variable and will be discussed during a consultation with Dr. Harmych.

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