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Chin Augmentation in Cleveland, OH

For both men and women the chin and jaw contour are important features that contribute to the overall balance and harmony of an attractive, well-proportioned face. An under-projected, or “weak”, chin or jaw can significantly distort a person’s facial proportions. A weak chin or jawline can cause a woman’s neck to appear older and cause a man’s face to appear less masculine. From the side view of the face, a weak chin may also create an illusion of a larger nose.

Who is a Candidate for Chin & Jawline Augmentation Surgery?

Men and women who have a weak chin or jaw who desire to restore harmony and balance to their face may be excellent candidates for chin or jawline augmentation. As chin projection is an important determinant in facial proportions, chin augmentation is sometimes recommended as an adjunct for patients undergoing other facial plastic surgery procedures such as facelift, neck lift or rhinoplasty.

How is Chin & Jawline Augmentation Surgery Performed?

Chin or jawline augmentation is performed on an outpatient basis under light or moderate sedation and may be done under local anesthesia as well. A soft and flexible silicone implant is placed through an incision hidden under the chin or, in some cases, behind the lower lip. A thorough assessment and discussion with Dr. Harmych will determine the size and shape of the implant most appropriate to achieve harmony and balance to the facial appearance.

What is the Recovery like from Chin & Jawline Augmentation Surgery?

Chin augmentation and jaw augmentation are performed on an outpatient basis with most patients returning to the comfort of their own home within a few hours. Most patients require prescription pain medicine for about 3 days. Pain, swelling, and mild bruising generally resolve within 2-3 weeks. Activity is restricted for two weeks. Most patients return to work and social activity in about one week.

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